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About Us


Dodson News, a world-class business news outlet, was established in 2021 when the founders realized that informative and data-driven business news is an essential tool in today’s world. The Global Pandemic, albeit causing an unimaginable disaster in 2020, led to many innovative virtual-based and virtual servicing companies. While unemployment rates soared, many young entrepreneurs dared to create business platforms from scratch, utilizing social media, creative marketing campaigns, and social media to drive their businesses. At Dodson News, we find and report the figures, facts, trends, and news that will help many global entrepreneurs make informed decisions as they build their companies.

It’s 2021, and everyone is embracing the power of virtual reality and remote working. Companies depend on our news outlet, Dodson News, to constantly feed them business information, research the possibility of future trends and report existing trends in the business world.

The founders of Dodson News first began, a few months ago, to produce specialized posts on the Blockchain technology and industry and surrounding industries like cryptocurrency, trading, and globalization. We have since grown to research and report data on traditional and contemporary business issues.

We have a team of highly specialized and professional researchers, writers, reporters, and journalists tasked with mining business facts from innumerable data and reporting business news in consumable and relatable formats. Importantly, we have a team of professional customer service support personnel who ensure that the company remains consistently reachable.

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