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J&J Oriental Rug Gallery Expands Service Area To More Cities Including New York

J&J Oriental Rug Gallery Expands Service Area

Understanding the needs of its clients, J&J Oriental Rug Gallery has greatly improved the quality of its buildings, as well as the restoration area to cater for the repair and cleaning of the oriental rugs and the other services they provide.

J&J Oriental Rug Gallery has expanded the cleaning area and repair service area to provide more facilities to its clients and have also expanded its services to the East Coast to include Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Mr. Nabatkhorian, who owns J&J Oriental Rug Gallery, wants to provide the best experience for his customers so that he can maintain his reputation in the growing Oriental and Persian rug market.

The company’s building is now much better than before and includes many improvements. The existing parking lot is much larger than the previous lot and the store has more space.

As all the restoration and cleaning service is done centrally, in house. J&J Oriental decided to increase its service operation by adding pick up and drop offs to other areas, where the company pick up rugs that require service in a city and drop them off at a later date when complete. The company has increased its truck fleet to accommodate this expansion and have and hired new employees to handle pick-ups and deliveries. Every Wednesday, J&J Oriental Rug Gallery’s trucks travel to New York City to drop off and pick up the rugs.

J&J Oriental Rug Gallery, a well-known Washington rug gallery located in Alexandra, has added new services to Drop of Repair Location, New York, because of its growing popularity.

The ultimate goal for the business is to continually increase the quality of the service provided. The business owner, Mr. Nabatkhorian, wants to provide his customers with a high-level shopping experience. As a result, J&J Oriental Rug Gallery has added many innovations to its building and has also done great work in the restoration area of its building to further expand the cleaning and restoration area and ensure the best facilities for the clients.

Over the past few weeks, J&J Oriental Rug Gallery has introduced the best collection of silk and woolen rugs. At just 50 USD, they are offering a variety of Evolution, Verbal Appraisals, and detail Verbal Appraisals.

One of the great advantages of J&J Oriental Rug Gallery which provides services to their customers all over the world is that they do not charge for picking up and delivering the rug.

Recently a client from the Armed Forces used their service to repair a rug that was badly damaged due to water. J&J Oriental Rug Gallery was able to carry out a total restoration of the rug which made the client extremely pleased with the high standard of workmanship.

Oriental and Persian veins are very popular all over the world, the reason for their popularity is their beauty as well as their longevity. J&J Oriental Rug Gallery provides the best restoration facility to carry out detailed work. In addition to this, they provide an insurance guarantee.

Mr. Nabatkhorian’s business has been running for about 5 generations, meaning it is Mr. Nabatkhorian’s family business which has been running under the name of J&J Oriental Rug Gallery from the beginning. Mr. Nabatkhorian says our family is from Isfahan, Iran, and our ancestors first started this business in 1987 in the state of Virginia. Mr. Nabatkhorian adds that for the first time, we entered the Virginia market from the North with a Persian and Oriental rug. We claim that our expertise is second to none.

For more information about J&J Oriental Rug Gallery, visit their website: https://jjrug.com/

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