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Advertisement is significant for a business to thrive, either new or already existing. Many businesses often suffer liquidation or lament shortages of clients because they do not have the budget for large ad campaigns. At Dodson Press Release, we help you reach the right target audience and convert prospective clients into paying and recurring customers. We give business owners the avenue to publish their press releases, feature news packages, and product ads on our website.

When you partner with us, you enjoy the very best online and digital advertisement at affordable prices. Are you working with a limited budget? We know, and we have packages that will yield sufficient conversions, sales, and profit, for you.

Premium Package

Our premium packages are for startups, sole-proprietors and other businesses looking to advertise their products to our audience and the large volume of audience our partners have. The premium ad package includes exclusive interviews and press releases, as well as (in some cases), video teasers, and product demonstrations.

You can have access to this service right now. We have a sophisticated team of content writers, journalists, videographers, graphics designers, and voiceover artists that will ensure that your product is seen and heard by the market. And all that is for a small price.

If you work with a big budget, you are welcome to try out our offers and gain immense value for your money. Unlike many ad companies who are only interested in the paycheck, we are interested in lifting businesses through productive advertisement.

Please fill in the form below and then, straightaway, after that, purchase your featured press release and our team will reach out to you shortly after that.


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