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Upright MRI Scanner Improvements Taking The Medical World By Storm

Brand-new updates to the world’s leading MRI innovation have recently been released by forward-thinking company Upright MRI of Deerfield.

The company’s CEO, Dr. Michael Fox, recently discussed the benefits of the newest technology taking the medical world by storm.

“MRI scanning is essential to the accurate diagnosis of patients, especially for patients who have experienced trauma or injury as the result of an accident. However, the traditional methods of MRI scanning don’t quite make the mark anymore. Recent studies have shown that the traditional method of laying flat in an MRI tunnel means that the diagnosis can take longer or be incorrect due to the muscle formation when the patient relaxes on the table. As a result of these issues, the first Upright MRI Scanner was designed in 1996 and we’ve built on this to increase patient and physician satisfaction.”

How Does the Upright MRI Scanner Work?

An Upright Weight bearing MRI Scanner allows the patient to sit in a chair, while the scanner moves around them in a booth. This means that the weight distribution on the body is the same as the patient would feel when standing up or sitting down. These tensions in the body help to pinpoint where the pain is coming from in order to diagnose the problem much faster.

What Benefits of Upright MRI Scanning

Dr. Fox points out, “We didn’t just aim to solve the diagnosis problem, we wanted to attack the issue of making patients feel more comfortable and confident when attending their appointments. Naturally, when you’re feeling anxious, your muscles tense up, which really doesn’t help physicians to diagnose the issue either, so we needed to promote an element of calm wherever we could. We did this by giving the patients back an element of control.”

The booth setup means that patients are able to sit down and feel at ease while the scanner works its magic. The chair is fully adjustable, so it can accommodate any patient and is much more practical for the elderly or people with disabilities than the previous lay-down version.

The open sides and more comfortable sitting position also allow the patient to feel more confident and in control of the environment, eliminating elements of claustrophobia.

“Aside from the massive benefits to speeding up accurate diagnosis and gaining faster treatment for patients, the Upright MRI Scanner is a huge space saver in a physician’s clinic, taking up way less floor space than a traditional model if you’re feeling minimalistic.” Dr. Fox jokes.

How Developments Have Changed The Medical Field

The developments added recently to upgrade the model include extra coding and magnets to speed up the scan and provide more in-depth views of the muscle groups. This means that more and more patients can be diagnosed correctly in their first appointment and clears up the diaries of doctors as there are fewer repeat appointments.

This technology helps to diagnose problems such as Cranio-cervical Joint Instability, which is a condition caused by the loosening of ligaments in the neck which means the head isn’t properly supported.

Chiari Malformations are also much easier to diagnose with an upright scanner. They are caused by a part of the brain (the cerebellum) bulging out of a hole in the base of the skull and joining with the spinal canal, eventually causing pain, discomfort and even loss of movement from the shoulders up.

Future MRI Innovations With Deerfield

As far as the latest in state-of-the-art MRI technology goes, Upright MRI Deerfield is undoubtedly a leader in this medical service, which offers to help physicians and medical professionals improve their service and assist more patients in receiving the treatment that they need. If you’re interested in finding out how an Upright MRI Scanner could change your life, contact Upright MRI of Deerfield today at 847-291-9321 or visit their website.

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